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We offer a wide range of financial services designed to preserve and enhance your wealth.

Powerful Products Backed by Exceptional Service

First Mutual provides wealthy individuals investors, entrepreneurs, and executives with access to the benefits of sophisticated, structured financial transactions that were once exclusively the province of large institutional and professional investors. If you have substantial equity holdings, the proprietary, tax-advantaged structure we offer is designed to provide you with liquidity and downside protection while letting you stay invested for the long term.

Please read on to see how the structure will help you achieve your objectives. Or simply call us for more information. Either way, you'll discover an organization that is devoted to personalized, responsive service for a select group of clients.

Unique Services For Sophisticated Investors

First Mutual was founded to provide creative solutions that enhance your wealth management abilities. First Mutual occupies a market niche which plays a unique role for sophisticated investors. We function as an enhancement to your existing financial services providers; we don't replace them. We don't advise you on potential investments, asset allocation, or estate planning. Instead, we function as an adjunct to your banker, your broker-dealer, and your tax advisor. We market transactions and structures that empower you with a set of tactical financial tools that you can use to protect, manage, and enhance your portfolio. These tools are unique, sophisticated, and easy to understand and use. You (and your advisors) decide how to best apply them to your financial situation.

First Mutual stays focused and deliberately limits its products. We can provide proof-of funds quickly and efficiently by a team of highly skilled Hedge Fund professionals. Our goal is to provide the investor the latest innovative financial tools. We approach our business with exceptionally strong service. We are responsive, discreet and professional. We go to great lengths to help you meet your needs. Our primary goal is to establish long-term relationships focused on helping to achieve your objectives. Our focus and expertise enable us to offer a uniquely powerful set of products for a specialized set of clients.