Why Should You Stay Invested?

Because you can isolate your assets and yet always be financially able to take an opportunity when it presents itselve. First mutual can stand behind you because we believe in the future as much as you do.


Increasing Wealth

We are living in a golden age of wealth creation. The quest for the next great thing from new products and technologies to new ways of doing business is generating new companies, revolutionizing entire industries, and ultimately, propelling prosperity at an unprecedented pace.

As an investor, you know that today many markets represent one of the most efficient ways to participate in this tremendous growth. In our view, we believe that the next few years will present itself with the greatest opportunities of the century.

If you're a believer in your company, an industry, or the market as a whole you want to continue to benefit from the opportunity inherent in your portfolio, even as you seek liquidity or downside protection (or both). And the unique structures we offer enable you to do just that.

Preserving Potential

Our programs enable you to preserve, in the words of financial managers, "upside potential." We offer tactical, structured transactions that provide a confluence of benefits including the ability to retain ownership of the investments that have helped create your wealth, so you can continue to take advantage of their long-term potential.

Look to the future and the long term with your investments. Keep putting your assets to work in the opportunities you believe in and let us help you generate liquidity and most importantly....protect your investments and your future.