What Can You Do With Liquidity? Anything and Everything!

Turn equity into cash or provide institutional investors who will do that for you.

You could sell your shares or options, but that's rarely the most advantageous way to gain liquidity. Once they're sold, you can't benefit from further gains in their market value. Your need for cash may not coincide with a good share price. Selling may also generate tax liabilities, substantially reducing realized gains. Alternatively, you could borrow against your equity assets through a bank or broker. But typically, you'd only be able to extract about half of their value, and there's the added risk of continual margin calls. Investors with large equity positions often face an enviable challenge: LIQUIDITY at a time that a good opportunity might arise. We offer a set of tactical financial structures that deliver three powerful benefits:

·         Liquidity: provides you with un-encumbered funds

·         Hedging: protect your assets and

·         Opportunity: keep your equity assets working for you even when you enter a new venture.

We make this confluence of benefits possible through the application of state-of-the-art financial structures.

At First Mutual, we provide a far more effective mechanism for turning paper wealth into useful assets. You'll never have to worry about a margin call because the structures we offer are non-callable; in fact they involve no recourse to you whatsoever. And you may defer potential tax liabilities.

How can we do this? With powerful financial tools we can deliver instant liquidity and much more.