Leased Financial Assets

First Mutual is an internationally recognized team of financial instrument leasing specialists. We provide short-term equity solutions for large commercial projects, private investments and many other financial ventures.

As trusted industry leaders, we offer financial solutions to accomplish your funding needs. We are the leaders In Financial instrument leasing. First Mutual can provide custom structured credit enhancement services, collateral and Funding Solutions. We have a well-established global network of private investors, traditional lending institutions and top world banks. Through these partnerships, we can find funding solutions that will allow you to successfully embark on world-wide projects. We have extensive experience in securing investors who may require guarantees even for specialized purposes. There is always a highly effective strategy for almost any financial venture or acquisition.

Leased financial instruments has been used successfully for opening opportunities that are not available without sufficient external collateral. We can overcome this requisite by providing a service that can acts as a verification of cleared funds.

Fees are only paid after conformation that the financial service has been completed.

  • Private Placement / PPP - Funds can be blocked in favor of the trader
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Commodities / Petroleum Transactions
  • Show Proof of Capability to Enter Larger Investment Opportunities
  • Obtain Loans and Funding for Business or Projects
  • Serve as proof of financial capability for real estate transactions
  • Serve as Blocked Collateral via SWIFT MT 760 / MT 799
    Master accounts and Sub-accounts available. POF can be blocked, or delivered via SWIFT as needed. Accounts are set up for 30, 60 and 365 days. In essence, no matter what your circumstance, our leased bank POF resources can accommodate your needs.