The Hedge/Loan: Borrowing as a Hedging Tool

The Loan/Hedge limits downside exposure without giving up unlimited appreciation. The novas approach isto sell a position to reduce exposure which also eliminates any possibilities of further gains. (Most often the sale incurs tax liabilities.)

Profitable investing is about managing risk. Market volatility is a fact of investing. The equity markets will always be uncertain and declining markets can have a negative impact even to good companies.

If you believe in a new venture, or the the market as a whole, then you are most likely fully invested. However, capital safety must always be preserved which is why a loan hedge is essential. First Mutual makes hedging loans accessible, and effective.

The Loan/Hedge: Twenty First Century Investing.

Today's most sophisticated investors and traders have been using the latest hedging vehicles and structured financial transactions to implement risk management strategies for years. An increasing number of individual investors have been using options to protect specific stock positions from precipitous declines. The Loan/Hedge program offers a structure of highly effective financial tools that hedge and limit downside risks. The Hedge/Loan acts as insurance to protect your financial net worth, from the unforseen, while entering a new venture.