Corporate Credit Enhancement Services

A perfect, inexpensive and fast way to add to your current financial profile, show reserves or buy time in transactions. We simply arrange an account in your name, or your company's name, at a major bank. The amount of funds that you request is the placed into that account. The money will remain in your new account for the amount of time that you request. Initially, the account will be opened for 60 days with an unlimited number of extensions available.

Deposits Placed in Your Corporate Name in Top World Banks

$1 Million Dollar Minimum up to $50 Million Dollars is currently available. These are actual cash deposit accounts.

NO Collateral Required.
NO Background Check.
NO Credit Report.
NO Credit Scores.
NO Business Plan.
NO Executive Summary.
NO LTV Ratio.
NO Asset or Real E
state Appraisals.

Any banker can verify the account balance at any time. Your account can also be verified by going into any branch or calling the bank's 800 number.

The following services apply:

Electronic Verification
Bank to Bank Verification
Phone/Fax Verification
Account Statement
Tear Sheet
Available Funds Letter

Some Typical Clients Include:

  • All Real Estate Deals and Developers
  • Warehouse Lines
  • Airlines
  • Forex and Securities Dealers
  • Physical Commodity Transactions (Oil, gold, minerals, etc.)
  • Movie Producers
  • Franchise Businesses
  • Any Bond or reserve requirement transaction

    Partnerships and Joint Ventures Considered