Asset Protection

Appear Judgment Prof Overnight!

Asset Protection Security (APS) was Designed for Financial safety in this litigious society that we live in.


Protect the equity in your home, business, commercial property, land or residential real estate. We also can provide protection for any asset including your Yacht, Jet, Art work or anything that you do not want to lose in a law suit regardless of what it is really worth. There are no credit checks because this is a "stated worth" line of credit.  

People who have assets that could be taken away by creditors or by people who bring successful lawsuits against them, will want to consider ways to protect those assets. Some people are at greater risk because of their professions or activities. Lawyers do a financial background before they take on a defendant to sue. One solution is to have your assets encumbered making them difficult or impossible to lose. Recorded liens on everything you own stops frivolous law suits. (The "You can't get blood out of a turnip" theory.)


If you have assets worth protecting, you'd be well advised to consult with a qualified asset protection attorney for advice. The First Mutual professionals can help in setting up your asset protection plan and choosing the options that work for you.