CD's from Chase with DTC

CD (Certificate of Deposit) from Chase with DTC and Bank to Bank Telex (MT799 form) confirmation

We provide CD's from Chase in one year increments.

Client gets DTC information to verify the instrument when set up fee is escrowed.

These CD's can be used for collateral purposes and allow lending. Your instrument is placed on DTC in your name with one year and one day timetable. You can also specify a block to a 3rd party which appears on the Chase screen of DTC as well.

A small set up fee is what gets the CD started and live for the first 60 days! Payment for the balance of the annual fee is only due within 60 days. These can be blocked or to the benefit of your financial institution, lender or investor!


There is no aggregate limit on larger amounts which are done in million dollar increments. These can also be confirmed as cash backed with depository receipt (MT799 form) bank to bank by TELEX by asset holding institution.