Introduction to Corporate Credit Enhancement

  • Corporate Credit Enhancement service, while not a loan, is a perfect inexpensive and quick way to add strength to your current financial profile, show reserves or buy time in your transactions. Different formats may include bank letters, phone/fax verification, online account access, verification of deposit form (VOD), bank to bank, Certificates of Deposit (CD's), TELEX, Swifts and/or account statements.


  • Stand-By Letter of Credit are financial instruments that can reserve, confirm or promise funds from one institution to another or to a business. This can be used for credit enhancement or as collateral.


  • SWIFTS are electronic notices sent from one bank to another. The MT799 Swift is a Proof of Funds, the MT760 Swift is a bank guarantee and the MT103 is a bank wire. We have capability to send SWIFT MT799 and MT760 on cash and SBLC's.


  • Corporate Guarantees are a way to use strong third parties to stand behind your project in the case of short falls or unforeseen circumstances.


  • Equity Partnerships and Joint Ventures are a way to partner up with strong investors of a like mind to set the financial foundation needed for deals to get done.